How to Throw a 10K BTC Party


Jul 2, 2019
We’ve got the scoop

  • Bitcoin recently tested 10K.

  • The coin surged by 68% in less than three months, possibly in anticipation of the upcoming halving.

  • Get ready to throw that Bitcoin 10K party.

Since 18 December 2019, Bitcoin’s price has surged by a whopping 68% against the US dollar. It recently tested the 10K market, and we all have a major cause for celebration. So put on your party hat, grab that bottle of champagne you’ve been saving, and get ready to invite your friends over, because we’ve got all the info on how to throw a 10K BTC party.

Bitcoin rallies

2018 was an abominable year for Bitcoin - the OG cryptocurrency crashed badly after the high of December 2017, finishing at a low of around $3,500 at the end of the year. 2019 saw some major improvements, surging above 10K in July, but ending the year at around 7K.

Since then, Bitcoin has seen a whopping 68% rally in less than three months. This past weekend, Bitcoin surged above 10K and is currently sitting at roughly $9,800.

Why Bitcoin has surged now is a topic of debate. The recent rally is thought to be due to the upcoming Bitcoin halving in May, as well as a resurgence in institutional interest in the cryptocurrency.

How to throw a 10K BTC party

Now onto the important business - how to throw a 10K BTC party:


As with any event, you’ll need to show up sporting the right clothes. You don’t want to look like an idiot in front of all of your guests, right? Check out this epic crypto-themed apparel from CryptoClothing.


Okay so crypto music hasn’t quite hit the mainstream yet, but you can still get your listening on, on blockchain streaming platforms like Musicoin.


Most of us can’t imagine a good party without some booze, but sometimes running down to the local liquor store doesn’t feel special enough for a Bitcoin 10K party. Crypto enthusiasts can actually get their hands on the good stuff through sites like Overstock - and you can pay in crypto! This BTC cocktail recipe is a winner too.


Crypto food is a tricky one - unless you’re dining out at a restaurant that accepts your coins. Still there are loads of ways for you to customize your food into being crypto appropriate. These Bitcoin-themed cupcakes can give you an idea of the kind of thing your guests might like to sink their teeth into.


If you really want to flash your 10K cash, look into putting up some epic Bitcoin decorations. You can find a bunch of wacky ones on Etsy - get that party spruced up nicely.

Bitcoin to 10K

Now that you know how to throw a 10K BTC party, it’s time to get planning. BTC is rising, and we’ll likely see a lot more milestones this year. With the halving coming within the next few months, and the soft fork following shortly after, 2020 is set to be one hell of a year for Bitcoin (and the cryptocurrency community as a whole). If things go our way, we’ll be partying through 2020, 2021 and beyond.