How To Set Up Your First Offer on Vertex.Market


Jul 2, 2019
First you must decide if you are going to use instant or collateral trading options.

Instant: here Vertex acts as a middleman, and will release the funds for you once the trade is complete. Vertex will send you a wallet address where you will send the BTC you want to sell. Once the funds are released by the buyer, Vertex will send the BTC to their address. In the event that there is no buyer and the trade expires or you cancel it, the funds are automatically returned to the BTC wallet you set in your My Account | My Wallets section.

Collateral: here you deposit a security onto Vertex. This security will usually never be sent to buyers and can be withdrawn at any time. Once a trade is complete, you will be notified via email and your Vertex dashboard to send the funds directly to the buyer. This method is easier to manage as you don't need to send the purchase amount to any address until you have a buyer. The minimum collateral is $100, which you can withdraw at any time. These funds will be used to payout the buyer in the event that you confirm you have received their funds but did not send the crypto to the buyer.

I prefer using the collateral method, so I will show you how to set up a trade using collateral. Instant is self explanatory and is exactly the same except for the final step which we'll get to shortly...

Step 1: First, go to your dashboard -
- Then click on “My Deposits” - see screenshot

Step 2: Create an address for the currency (BTC or ETH) you want to use for your collateral, it can be one, or both. I use both.

  • As soon as you create an address, you will be able to copy it and send to that address.

Step 3: Send funds to that address (you can send any amount and it will be picked up by Vertex, however, you need to add a minimum of $100 to use the collateral function)
- Wait for the funds to confirm on the blockchain

  • Click scan to search the blockchain for your transaction

  • Now you should be able to use your collateral to trade on Vertex and once confirmed, start setting up your first trade

Step 4: Set up your first offer. Go to “Post Trade” on Menu (see screenshot)
- Search for BTC in the search bar

- Click the “Sell Offer” Button next to Bitcoin.

Step 5: Add offer details (see screenshot)

- Add the amount of BTC you want to sell, or leave it as an open trade
- Select how you want to be paid (Paypal, Skrill, Bank Transfer, etc)

- Add the currency you want to be paid in
- Add how you want your price calculated. Fixed means its set to a single BTC price and Linked means you can ensure a % profit. I use Linked.

- Click “Continue”

Step 6: Add how you want to guarantee your sale for the buyer (see screenshot)

- Click the drop down and select “Collateral” - Here is where you can also use the instant method
- Select an end date for your offer if you’d like one

- Select a minimum and maximum if you have a preference (see screenshot for more info).

- If you are setting up a trade for PayPal, check the “Verified users only (B2) checkbox, this will ensure only Vertex KYC’d buyers can purchase from you, protecting you from scammers.

And that concludes our How to set up your first Vertex trade. Easy enough, right? Head to My Dashboard to get started. Remember, on Vertex.Market you can buy and sell over 1000 cryptocurrencies, with the option of adding premiums of up to 20%.