How to purchase CRO tokens


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Mar 19, 2024
how to buy CRO

The main methods of purchasing CRO tokens are as follows:

1. Purchase via App:
Register and log in to your account in App.
Choose to purchase CRO tokens in the App, and you can choose to recharge using credit card, bank transfer, etc.
After the recharge is successful, trade directly within the App to purchase CRO tokens.
2. Buy on the exchange:
Register and log in to a cryptocurrency exchange that supports CRO token trading, such as Binance, OKEx, etc.
Complete real-name authentication and bind bank card or digital currency address.
Find the trading pair of CRO tokens on the exchange, such as CRO/USDT, etc.
Enter the purchase quantity, confirm the transaction information and proceed with the purchase.
3. Obtain by providing liquidity mining:
Provide CRO tokens as liquidity on the platform and participate in liquidity mining.
Based on the liquidity provided, you will receive corresponding mining rewards, including CRO tokens.
4. Participate in project airdrop activities:
Follow’s official announcement and social media to find out if there is an airdrop event for CRO tokens.
Participate in the event and complete the tasks according to the event requirements to get free CRO tokens.

When purchasing CRO tokens, please make sure to choose a formal and safe trading platform and fully understand the market and project risks. At the same time, plan your investment strategy rationally and avoid blindly following the trend or impulsive trading.