How to mine TheCaribbeanCoin CBBC with Nvidia GPUs


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Jan 15, 2020

We provide a brief notice for Pro Miners and beginners.
We've made a benchmark mining test with Nvidia GTX 1080 + CUDA mining software CRYPTOGEN V3.0.6 64bit (algo sha256, COIN=CBBC).

We've took several screenshots of the CRYPTOGEN config files, for beginners. You will have to edit the conf files like in the sreenshots (just modify the miner name value, the password, and wallet address as user.

When you ready to go, double click on CRYPTOGEN-MINE.bat

CRYPTOGEN Mining software support 16 GPU on a same rig, but we made the test on a 2 GPU basis.
Nvidia GTX 1080 is very stable after overclocking.
Nvidia GTX 1080 provide the coolest Temperature in high intensity calculation.
Nvidia GTX 1080 GPU is not very noisy.
Nvidia GTX 1080 provide a very low power consumption
Finally, we recommend this GPU model, because of its Extreme durability, high quality component, and very good performance.
The Nvidia GTX 1080 is all you need to mine CBBC at this time.

Cryptogen Version 3.0.6 can be downloaded from the link :