How to buy Bitcoin anonymously


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May 7, 2019
Just a few ideas:
  • Buy in Cash on from a Bitcoin ATM (that doesn't require ID)
  • Buy Bitcoin using video game currency (World or Warcraft/Runescape/etc)
  • Buy mining hardware and mine your own crypto
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Jan 20, 2018
Each person should have the right to their own privacy. Fortunately, many anonymous cryptocurrencies have appeared. Unlike Bitcoin, which is not like that, you can simply track transactions. Bitcoin mixers can also help get anonymity. There are many of them, so you can safely find the one that suits you.


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Nov 12, 2019
For the love of whoever you believe in - don’t buy Bitcoin from someone selling BTC via SMS or WhatsApp

When someone calls you, Sir - he will scam you :D

The golden rule to follow ;)

You can thank me later..

I remember when I first started playing around with BTC - that was a struggle..

I have tested probably every service on the market and I am certain that this is the easiest way to buy Bitcoin without ID.

On top of that, using Credit or Debit Card purchases for buying BTC and staying anonymous is not the best option.


Because any exchange that would not require your ID verification most probably is not trustworthy and you should trust your data.

Simple as that.

Hence, the best way is to use other digital currencies and one of my favorites is Perfect Money.

Just note: Without ID you will be able to buy Bitcoin without ID for up to 10 000 USD per year.

And to make it easy for you - here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can do that:

  1. Head over to this page - Buy BTC without ID
    1. This exchange has the highest TrustPilot rating that I have seen
  2. Make a payment
  • And you will get your Bitcoins
Done ;)

I hope this was helpful ;)


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Nov 12, 2019
All the methods described above don’t require you to use an ID verification to buy bitcoins, but even still, with more sophisticated techniques, you can be tracked. Sometimes you can be identified by your IP or through the private wi-fi which you are using.

Or you might accidentally disclose your Bitcoin public address online somewhere. Or a seller might track you down from your mobile or vehicle number when you did your face-to-face fiat/Bitcoin deal with them.


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Nov 8, 2017
Hate to be that guy doing the shameless plug. But go check out - you can buy BCH anonymously using that platform. Just be sure to use a trusted payment method. Cash is best, bank deposits as well. If you're going to use more risky payment methods just be sure you look into which ones are reversible.