How to avoid getting pulled into a bad ICO


Sep 21, 2017
The Downside of ICOs
There are four main downsides to ICOs: they're unregulated, they're hard to research, they clog the blockchain, they can devalue other cryptocurrencies. At the same time, ICOs bring new development ideas to blockchain technology quickly. These ICOs bring us new functionality and fix existing limitations, hopefully becoming even more beneficial in the long term. So how do you navigate hundreds of tokens going to ICO and sort the profit makers from the scams?


New Member
Apr 17, 2018
Always do your research about a particular ICO, check their ICo website, do background research for the team members, make sure the team members are no scammers or fraud, read the whitepaper, check websites like Track ICO, Block Discover and ICOBench to see if a particular ICO has listed there or not, if yes then check their rating. Yesterday I came across this particular ICO on block discover GigTricks, their whitepaper seems good and advisors include some famous names.