How MesChain will contribute to the production industry?


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Sep 27, 2019
MesChain is a great and revolutionary project that will enable entrepreneurs to take control and analysis of their initiatives in one place and at the cheapest costs. MesChain, which aims to initially serve in the textile industry, will be gradually used in other industries.
How would a Manufacturing Execution System work in a textile factory?
An MES system consists of a server that obtains the necessary database through the information collected by the software. This program is connected to other networks or devices through a digital interconnection system of everyday objects, such as printers or barcode readers, which is called the Internet of Things (IoT).

When we talk about a textile manufacturing company, the first thing this software does is to organize the planning process, that is to say, to plan how the manufacturing process will be carried out taking into account the materials and resources available to it. It will determine how all the steps will be carried out and what elements will be involved in the process of preparing the different textile products, in addition to assigning each part of the process to the worker that he considers applicable.

After taking care of the workflow in the planning, it starts it up and will be in charge of monitoring it in real-time, which will permit to identify the areas of the industry that are working correctly and correct the errors that may arise during the manufacturing.

Finally, it manages its quality. Meaning that it monitors whether the product that is being well-obtained and inspects if the characteristics obtained are those necessary to be able to proceed to send or distribute it.

And last but not least, the final information is fed back to the MES system through final terminals whose objective is to track the concluding inventory and its production quality.
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