How can I earn money by sitting at home?


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Feb 3, 2021
One of the most popular ways is to get paid by watching TV & sharing videos from providers such as Netflix, YouTube caliber sites, HBO GO, Netflix, and Prime Video. You can easily reward and earn without any effort.

EroticCoin was born to value the time people spend their time watching TV and other applications and rewarding others when they make money. It offers great potential for earning side cash I did almost nothing but look at the box!

With the new Platform, the community, blockchain-enabled contribution tracking, and audience valuation can establish direct relationships with the community's contributors. The blockchain platform permits fair tracking of usage and reward of the associated contribution to the stakeholders.


  • Blockchain permits direct community relationships between members.
  • Marketing performance and impact become more accurately measurable.
The revenue model is based on a Freemium offer and where viewers earn tokens while watching videos.

It's easy. Watch video and TV content from your computer or smartphone. As you watch more videos, you earn everywhere from a few cents to a hundred dollars. Getting rewards in EOC is easy. They are one of the best online cash reward sites out there.

Only 20% will be distributed in the ICO, 80% will be given as a premium to holders of 20%.

Possibility of integrating theaddon with YouTube calibre sites, HBO GO, Netflix, Prime video, BBC iPlayer and any video share content site. Big-calibre partnership coming in.

EOC Token

Name: EroticCoin

Type: ERC20 Symbol: EOC

Platform: Ethereum

General release: 1,000,000,000

The ICO starts on 15 January and finishes on 15 February. On 17 February, EOC will be listed on 5 Exchanges. The name will be revealed when ICO will start. On ICO, you have a bonus of 20%.

For more info you can simply visit at