HitBTC exchange - Scam!


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Feb 12, 2019
Dear friends, I will tell you how this exchange works. We know that at the beginning of 2019, the exchange began to have problems with the withdrawal of client funds. In this situation I've got.
I have about 10 thousand dollars in their account. Without any justification, the exchange blocked my funds and asked me to provide my passport.

Now most interesting.
I sent my passport and waited for the account to be unlocked. However, a little later the exchange asked for another document in English. I went to meet them and sent to the exchange one more of his identity document in English.
What do you think? The exchange again asked me to provide the documents. Now the origin of the funds. It lasted for several weeks. It seemed that there was nothing more to provide. I justified every translation, and showed all the screenshots and the transaction, and justified every step. The exchange was not satisfied with this. They do not want to give money. Appointed Skype call, which supposedly they need to see me and ask a few questions.
I had no choice but to agree.
Attention, Skype call!!! The staff asks you to show your passport, which I did, then they just start to ignore you and do not respond. As a result, now they are asking for a second Skype call. I see it as time-wasting and unwillingness to give money.
And now think friends, what do we know about this exchange?
Do we know where they are?
Do we know who the leaders of the exchange?
Do we know who issued the license to the exchange and where to complain about their service?
Can we be sure that this exchange will not be up tomorrow?
I asked these questions to the representatives of the exchange. The answer is no. No reaction.
So, the exchange without providing any document gets control over your money and requires documents from you.
Now ask yourself, HITBTC Scam? Sure scum!
I hired a lawyer to work with this exchange. I will file complaints and applications to the regulator and all Supervisory authorities. I suggest all the victims unite.
Email me: lawnesterova@yandex.ru