Helping an older gentleman recover his bit coins


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Nov 17, 2020
Gents and Gals,
An older gentleman reached out to me for help. I'm versed in IT matters but not so much in Bitcoin matters. Here's his conundrum in his own words:

I have an old Bitcoin wallet. The old Bitcoin wallets were set up to download all Bitcoin transaction world-wide to be able to trace your transactions. Today, it is obsolete. I cannot update it at this time. There is a screenshot below of what it looks like today.

I started to buy Bitcoins in 2013 on Ebay. Along the way I opened a Coinbase account which I then used to buy and sell. In 2014 I 'forgot' about my coins and set them aside until 2017.

By 2017 I was fuzzy about how things worked. The world also changed, and my wallet was obsolete. I think it was about May 7, 2017 when I tried to sent 5 Bitcoins to my Coinbase account. They never arrived there, and I was unable to update my wallet to see if I could trace them.

Afterwards I was wondering if I added the tipping (or processing) fee - without it no-one will process it and it would just sit there in space.

If that were the problem, I was wondering if the wallet could be re-set and the transaction re-sent.

I still have the Coinbase account, but as of 7/31/2020 it needs updating with a picture ID to be able to send and receive coins.

This gentleman is still on Bitcoin 0.8.1 Beta. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!