Green investment using blockchain: mahogany crops


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Nov 21, 2017
Hello everyone!

I am investor in Mahogany tree crops plantation. Mahogany is a very valuable timber and the price projections for the upcoming years will be higher due reduction of the native forests , as Amazon and Africa rain forests. At same time the worldwide demand is increasing together with increase of the population and the worldwide economy.

Low risk and high ROI from 15% to 18% a year, considering the current mahogany price. Probably higher ROI due the price projection for the future.

The main difficulty concerned the Mahogany tree investment is the growing time around 18 years for the thinning/cut the trees to the cash back.

I want to develop a platform to connect new investors with farmers, especially small ones, to share the profits. I want to use blockchain to tokenize the trees, so the investors could buy and sell the tokens in an exchange with 15% to 18% gain a year, doesn´t need wait 18 years to cash back.

On top of all this, it is a green investment that promotes the carbon sequestration and reduces the pressure over the native forests.

I would like an opinion to know what the best token system option to use and why : Ethereum, waves, other?