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Dec 18, 2019
I have found what may become a good method to get free BTC. This is very much
you get what you put into it.

You can be very active and participate in the rewards program or you can be
passive and just check your faucets once a day.

Unlike other platforms, your crypto fills up continuously until you decide to claim it
so you don't have to do a bunch of clicking if you don't want to, however clicking is

Go to this link and sign up

Once logged in click the claim button, complete the captcha and collect your
10 free satoshees.

From there, click on the account button.
From there click on Go to Coinpot.

Log in with the same email you used for the first faucet/site.

Once you have done that go to all of the following links and enter the email
address you have been using.

All of these sites are on the Coinpot network and deposit directly into your Coinpot wallet.

4 of the faucets allow you to claim every 5 minutes. One of them is every 3 minutes.

The first one is every 15 minutes.

If you are completely obsessed and keep watch on your faucets not only will you
build up a quick crypto stash but you will benefit greatly from the rewards program.

The rewards program gives you Cointop tokens. You can exchange your cointotp
tokens for more crypto. The site is set up so that the Coinpot tokens are more valuable than the
crypto you are receiving.

At this moment 100 Coinpot tokens = 137 satoshi's.

You get 3 tokens per claim per site.

So if you have all 6 sites open you can collect 18 Cointop tokens
every few minutes.

The site also incentives making your claim as quickly as possible.

There are extra bonuses where you earn more Cointop tokens if you reach a certain number of claims.
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