Good Physical Reading Materials?


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Nov 5, 2015
Hello friends, I'm new to Bitcoin after seeing it in the economist.

Call me old fashioned but I would like something to read in my hand rather than on the screen and put it in my library. I've been recommended the following book but don't know whether its any good or outdated.

Can anyone here recommend me some good reading materials? I'd prefer if they could be on amazon too, I dont really trust other vendors on the internet. I just want a good solid explanation of bitcoin and it should be recent


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Aug 28, 2015
@spookys I would also recommend the book you referenced, Andreas Antonopoulos has a good grasp of the whole ecosystem and the broader ramifications of Bitcoin, I couldn't think of a better person to give you an intro. (I watched him present Bitcoin to the Canadian senate and was very impressed)

This forum is a good read too it popped up when the debate about building Bitcoin 2.0 off blockchane scaling solutions outside of the Bitcoin blockchain was censored to prevent the discussion of very diverse opinions. (I'm sure there will be historians that probe this thread and write a book LOL

Personally my view is that Bitcoin is evolving so very fast, I have fond very few people understand it in a general sense from a multidisciplinary perspective and following a forum like this is a good way to learn (the signal to noise ration here is very high) Andreas Antonopoulos's book is a great start, but following the story of Bitcoin unfolding is certainly as gripping as any TV drama.

I'd even go so far as to say this forum exists because some influential developers don't fully respect or give credit to the incentive system designed by Satoshi.