Global Network Token-GNET-First crypto currency offering a refund option

Ahmet Hasim

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Nov 5, 2018
Sales System

1 GNET = 0.00015 Bitcoin

Total Quantity in Sales: 40.000.000 GNET

Allocated for Project Finance: 10.000.000 GNET

Total Quantity: 50.000.000 GNET (limited)

Price Guarantee
To limit the effects of high price fluctuations in the crypto money market, the GNET Refund System is an important price guarantee.

Refund System
1 GNET = 0.00012 Bitcoin (1 GNET will never fall below this price.)

For the purpose of price stability, you will be able to see the buy-back order on DEX at the price of 1 GNET = 0.00012 Bitcoin for the number of sold GNET tokens. You can return the GNET tokens you purchased at any time and get your investment back. (The reason for the difference between the purchase and sale price is for the termination of the activities initiated by your investment.)

Token Sale Stage
Many crypto-money projects lose their rhythm and lose price stability after showing the peak of their energy at the token sale stage. Crypto-money managers who make statements that focus on the product, not the price, prove our claim. For this reason, we do not foresee any token sales schedule. The duration of the sale of Token will determine the interest of the investor. When 40M GNET is sold, token sale will be completed.

Stock Exchange Charters
Applications to the stock exchanges other than Waves DEX and necessary payments shall be made before the completion of the sale.

Promotion Activities
We aim for a group that makes small purchases but gives power to our community. At the beginning of the road we do not want to attract the attention of large investors. For this reason, we will not waste our energy on advertising and promotional works that are so high that it will be included in the spam category seen in other projects. The channels we will use are our website, our twitter account and our discord group.

Developers and Team
Although Satoshi Nakamoto is unknown, it was the project that received the most investment in crypto money. We prefer this magic formula
Joke aside, we're also a crypto money investor like you and we look forward to joining our Discord community to meet. Also, please follow our hiring announcement to take part in our team. Most of the team members we need will consist of mobile and web software developers and graphic designers.

Bonus System
Token sale stage, the bonuses given during the early participation or the award during the promotional campaign lead to sales intensity in the first days of the stock market. We follow a fixed price policy for everyone. Therefore the bonus system will not be applied to the token sale stage.

Many crypto currencies are trying to attract a high investment, to market an imagination by introducing big deals or goals. Despite the fact that the financial system should pass from traditional money to crypto coins, it tries to make a name for itself by establishing relations with the central finance authorities. Banks or financial authorities can easily produce their own crypto coins. We would like to know that the crypto coins that emerged with the promise of a deal with these focal points have a failure in the purpose of the exit phase. Our goal is to change people's exchange habits. We think that the financial system will keep up with the changing habits of people.

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