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Nov 1, 2017
Bitcoin and blockchain are the most popular word for the last few years. It’s not a secret that many investors still believe in crypto economy and try their best to invest into the profitable projects to gain some cryptocurrency. And we believe in crypto, too.

Game Machine team is glad to tell you about it’s creature: a new transparent ecosystem based on four main platforms. These are Game Machine, Rise Machine, Ads Machine and Exchange Machine. Let’s see the details.

Game Machine PC Client — program that supports our blockchain and client with miner for gamers;

Mobile app — wallet and integrated advertising network.

Rise Machine is the platform, where developers can make their own game tokens and start Token Sale with audience of Game Machine, and use Ads Machine for more reach.

Ads Machine is an advertising platform is releasing on the basis of Game Machine which allows to communicate directly with the gamers audience. Advertisers use Gamefuel for buying installs and impressions directly from gamers.

Exchange Machine is the crypto-exchange for gamers that includes Ads Machine and Indie Machine.

So these are the basic pillars our ecosystem will be built on.

Let’s stop on the Rise Machine segment and see the advantages for the crypto-investors.
  • Investors have the privilege to receive a bonus of 5% from sale of advertising offers on the Ads Machine platform within 3 years from the moment of the ICO start.

  • Also the investor will have an opportunity to participate in development of a gaming ecosystem, putting tokens of Gamefuel in the Rise Machine projects.

  • It is smart to invest into Game Machine: it is all about developing the cryptographic community, helping the game industry to grow, gamers motivation to not just mine the coins but to try oneselves in IT- sphere and сybersport development.

  • In future token cost will only grow and anyone involved into Game Machine can try to create his own cryptocurrency and start developing the industry.

  • Besides it’s a real crypto economy in action, it is also an integration of all the best projects in one place, which contains no fees and no brokers.

Rise Machine is created as a crowdfunding platform for fund raising for game projects. Any gamer the participant of Game Machine will be able to enclose the coins in a game and to receive a game or special bonuses the first. In addition the Rise-developer will be able to carry out by Initial Game Offering (IGO), suggesting to divide profit on a game in Gamefuel tokens with crowdfund investors.

All the details you can get on our official site:

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Oct 13, 2017
Game Machine ICO with a rating 4.05 out of 5.0 on our ICO list

The ICO and project team has been verified. We interviewed the team members.

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