Global crypto card with precious metals (gold and silver) in your wallet


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Jul 1, 2019
Today in this world of crypto revolution some countries still have problem with regulation of cryptocurrency. Paycent in the other hand is accepted globally, so even if you are located in country that have restricted policy about crypto, limitations and huge fees, you now have chance to use crypto through Paycent as it will provide you with great possibilities and much more!

I have prepared promo code for those who decide to use Paycent cards, promo code will give you nice discount when ordering card but more about that in a second.

First let me introduce you to the cards.
Paycent Cards enable users to convert digital assets into local currencies for use or withdraw from ATM with real time accessibility and convenience.

You can order 3 types of cards
1.Paycent Master Card - ( Virtual and Physical )
2.Paycent UnionPay Int’l Card - ( Virtual and Physical )
3.Paycent China Union Pay Card - ( Physical )


Cards are coming in different fees and limit structure, we need to take in mind that we are talking about first global crypto-credit cards, and for crypto credit card I must say they have a really big limits. You can see more about fees in bottom of the article, but first let’s talk about app and other possibilities like precious metals.

App act like a Ewallet that can be funded with cryptocurrency. By changing cryptocurrency into SIP US ( 1$ SIP US = 1$ USD ) you get chance to top up your credit cards, from the other hand you can make deposit to your SIP US Ewallet directly with Visa & Master Card or UnionPay, AliPay and WeChat.

What’s my personal favorite is that you can buy or sell precious metals like Gold and Silver.
Unique as it sounds this is one of the best possibilities on today market, especially for crypto traders, and let me explain why.

Gold and Silver can be purchased and sold for SIP US in your Ewallet.
What is so special about this is that you can choose option for delivery and your previously bought precious metals will be delivered to your doorstep.
It’s just that awesome!

App is available for Apple and Android users, and you can download it here:
Google Play
Apple Store

To be able to use all the functionalities of app you will need to verify your account by filling short form.
Verification process, if everything submitted is approved at once, take approximately 24 hours.

By providing us with first global crypto-credit card Paycent is bridging the gap between digital assets and people in Africa as any other developing countries like India, Brazil, Mexico, Uruguay, Argentina… to go in step with world economy and crypto revolution.

If you decide to order Paycent cards don’t forget to use promo code, besides that you will get discount for ordering cards all collected money will be used for donations, making the world a better place for all of us.



Fees for Credit Card and for UnionPay Int'l.

Fees are little different for China Union Pay

Fees for digital wallet

Fees for SIP wallet

Fees for precious metals wallet

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