Getting started with alternative policy clients


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Dec 31, 2015
So I've been unhappy with Core, and verbally supportive of BU and Classic. I suppose it's time I am supportive in deed as well. Walk the walk, as it were.

Yet I have a handful of questions....

These alternative clients (BU and Classic are both under consideration) are based off Core, right?

Are these able to employ the same database data? Like, if I terminate Core, and point (e.g.) BU at the same directory, will it use the same data, or will it want to redownload it all? Then what if I want to switch back? Just stop one, and start the other? Stretch question - what about running them both at the same time on the same data? (Had to ask)

Can I run these alternative clients across TOR in the same manner as Core?

Do they employ similar/identical .conf files?

Can I run Armory atop Classic or BU the same way I run Armory atop Core?

I know - so many questions...

Peter Tschipper

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Jan 8, 2016
Yes to all your questions, except i don't know about running armory. Also, no you can not run two nodes off the same blockchain but you can run BU or Classic on top of a blockchain created under Core.


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Dec 16, 2015
About Armory, it should work on top of alternative client daemons as well since none of them have, as far as I know, neither XT, Classic nor BU have made backward incompatible changes to the protocol which is used between Armory and whichever bitcoin daemon happens to be running.

It might be a good question to submit to the Armory dev, though, just to be sure.