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Nov 21, 2023

GamersXP is a Proof-of-Achievement (PoA) gaming reward platform that combines play-and-earn mechanics for mainstream AAA games, eSports tournaments, giveaway raffles, P2E games, and DeFi. GamersXP aims to integrate traditional gaming with Web3, providing gamers with opportunities to earn real rewards while playing their favorite games.

GamersXP Products
GamersXP Reward dApp (Beta)
Gamers can earn cash and crypto by completing in-game challenges and participating in custom contests.
Integrates with popular PC games such as CS2, Fortnite, PUBG, Overwatch2, Rocket League, and Minecraft.
Upcoming Products
GamersXPBox: A hub to list games (Coming Soon)
GamersXP Giveaways Pass: Participate in giveaways by buying entry tickets (Coming Soon)
GamersXPesports: Compete in eSports tournaments to earn real rewards (Coming Soon)
GamersXPcard: Virtual card for earning and spending crypto (Coming Soon)
GamersXPID: Proof of Achievement NFT as a gaming ID (Coming Soon)
GamersXPLevelUP : LevelUp your gaming experience (Coming Soon)

GMXP Token Pre-Sale Information
Token Name: GMXP
Total Supply: 800,000,000
Network: Polygon
Presale URL:
Pre-Sale Date: June 5th, 2024
TGE Estimation Date: July 2024
Key Points:
30 million GMXP tokens available at $0.005 per token (35% lower than public sale price).
Early investors get a 2% cashback on their investment through referral link provided by the influencer.
Influencers receive a 4% commission for transactions made through their unique referral links.

Roadmap and Goals for 2024
Milestone 1 (May 2024): Raise €50-150k through private sales.
Milestone 2 (June 2024): Grow the community and implement branding changes.
Milestone 3 (June 2024): Secure partnerships with top-tier launchpads and CEXs.
Milestone 4 (July-Aug 2024): Conduct public IDOs and list the token on reputable CEXs.

Core Team
CEO-CTO & Co-Founder: Christos Panayiotou - Entrepreneur x3, Crypto entrepreneur since 2014 (170+ BTC Mined), 18+ years in IT & Business.
COO & Co-Founder: George Xenophontos - Entrepreneur x2, Passionate semi-pro gamer for over 15 years.
Tokenomics and Treasury Experts: Trireme Trading

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