Full node count NOT A PROBLEM


Feb 27, 2017
I just figured it out. Full node count will never be a problem. Bitcoin services and businesses almost certainly run full nodes and they most definitely have the bandwidth and storage capabilities to operate a full node. When we get bigger blocks Bitcoin can continue to spread all over the world, more businesses will be spawned around Bitcoin and hence the full node count will increase. The end users don't have to run full nodes. We will get all the full node decentralization we ever need just from Bitcoin services/businesses. SegWitCoin fanboys are going to have hard time debunking these claims.


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Aug 28, 2015
I think any computer hardware enthusiasts who holds 10 BTC past the next hype cycle over $10K will be empowered to always run a node.

It's what happens when he dies in 80 years that will present some centralization risk. But for now it seems that a limit of 32MB will always allow a home user to run a PC using the SPV client section 8 described in the white paper to download the block chair and still be a full validating relay node.