FTRX has gathered most of the advantages of Wavefield ecology


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Mar 1, 2021
In July 2020, TRON announced its official entry into 4.0, a comprehensive upgrade of the TRON public chain. Unlike previous releases, the 4.0 version will involve four major features: community anonymity, the enablement of new formula mechanisms, enterprise applications, high scalability, and countless detail iterations to improve Wavefield TRON's functionality, optimize ease of use, and provide organizations and individuals with more The possibilities are endless.

From underlying technology to community ecology, from excellent R&D environment to DeFi applications, from entertainment to practical tools, Wavefield TRON (TRX) has covered every aspect of life with its powerful vitality, making the value of blockchain most fully reflected here while improving the ecological usage scenarios.

Nowadays, when the Ethernet network is criticized for congestion caused by gas costs due to DeFi fire, and when B1 does not do anything about EOS, Wavefield TRON, with the advantages of high TPS, free transfer and high node network performance, vigorously develops Wavefield TRON ecology, and a number of data far exceeds Ethernet and EOS, and its global influence is heating up extremely fast.

According to the recent statistics, the active users of Wavefield DAPP have ranked first in the global public chain, which is 3 times of the second place Ether and 5 times of the third place EOS respectively.

In addition, DeFi, decentralized finance, has evolved into one of the core drivers of TRON network applications, and the core principle of DeFi is to provide a new, permissionless financial services ecosystem without any centralized authority, accessible to anyone in the world. In this ecosystem, users are custodians of their assets, with complete control and ownership of their assets, and they have free access to all decentralized marketplaces on the market.

Like the big hit DeFi project Compound, Uniswap, Curve and other platforms, FTRX is also a smart contract application that ensures the complete decentralization of the platform, all system rules are written on the chain, completely open source and can not be tampered with, anyone will see the complete code and the entire transaction record in perpetuity, ensuring the integrity of the system and the real information of the project, avoiding the risk of the project side running away, safe and stable.

TRX is used as the basic unit of TRON on-chain account throughout the wavefield ecosystem. With the diversification of wavefield ecological applications, TRX has become the world's 15th ranked mainstream cryptocurrency, carrying rich usage scenarios and smart contract applications, providing power for on-chain transactions and DAPP applications, with promising market value in the later stage.

As a new project of Wavefield ecology, FTRX has gathered most of the advantages of Wavefield ecology.

Advantages of FTRX Wealth Matrix
FTRX Wealth Matrix uses revolutionary smart contract technology to provide distributed market participants with the ability to engage in direct personal and business transactions.

Zero Risk Factor
FTRX Wealth Matrix's smart contract is deployed on the Wavefield blockchain, which is open source and can be viewed by anyone on the Wavefield blockchain. It is a self-executing smart contract that exists in perpetuity and cannot be modified by any entity.

Constancy of the project
Indefinite access to the FTRX project is an inherent feature programmed into the smart contract in order to continuously participate in the FTRX Wealth Matrix project. The FTRX smart contract will continue to operate for as long as there is internet and power in the world.

Peer-to-Peer On-Chain Payments
FTRX smart contracts are completely free from human intervention, but run automatically based on the Wavefield blockchain, with peer-to-peer commission payments between participants, directly into the participants' own decentralized wallets.

Centerless Organization
FTRX Wealth Matrix is a distributed decentralized project where everyone can form their own community and become a super node in the FTRX crypto ecosystem through their own efforts, allowing Wavefield to gain consensus from more people.

Transparency and anonymity
The project performance is open and transparent, and the transaction history of all FTRX participants is irrevocably recorded and widely stored on the Wavefield blockchain, which is publicly accessible by anyone at any time.