From Reality to Metaverse, it will drive a series of commercial and technological booms?


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Sep 27, 2021

From Reality to Metaverse, it will drive a series of commercial and technological booms?

The metaverse is accelerating into people’s view, and people who are optimistic about it call it the “next-generation Internet.” Many technology companies are looking to be the first to take advantage of this opportunity, and the metaverse is gaining popularity in Google searches.

The metaverse still faces many challenges, including intellectual property disputes, data protection, privacy concerns, existing laws, appropriate currencies, and payment systems, challenges with existing technologies, and low public acceptance. However, the metaverse will bring unprecedented opportunities to the world, including a continuously growing market, new business models, better virtual experiences for users, and breakthroughs in related technologies.

The metaverse brings new business models, and Fortnite (Fortnite) provides an exciting example of a company giving up control of its intellectual property. After Fortnite introduced some of the hottest character skins of the moment, many players immediately logged into the game and spent in-game currency to purchase the skins.

Fortnite gave up control of its intellectual property, which many companies found incredible. For Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Nike, and other IP majors, giving up control was hard for them to accept. But by giving up control, players can trade through the secondary marketplace operated by Fortnite, and Fortnite is collecting fees from it, the revenue from which is immeasurable and can be said to have opened up a new business model.

Metaverse is considered a game + virtual social world, so the construction and development of the meta-universe can not be separated from the solid technical support. The technology cluster supporting the metaverse mainly includes five segments: network and arithmetic technology, artificial intelligence, video game technology (the game engine that supports the program code and resources of the game), display technology (VR/AR/XR devices), and blockchain technology.

The metaverse needs robust technologies to support it. Most of the above technologies are in the development or budding stage, and there is still a long way to go before they are actually applied on the ground. At present, there is a blockchain project called Caduceus in the market, which claims to be “an infrastructure for the metaverse world,” and we can pay attention to it. Its project concept focuses on building new infrastructure with high performance, high trustworthiness, and high security to efficiently and accurately solve users’ needs for blockchain implementation differences.

The Caduceus is prepared to help metaverse participants around the world lower the barrier of entry under the basis of providing a highly liberalized construction for the metaverse ecosystem and, at the same time, leveraging its advantages in VR/XR and other visuals to enhance technologies to bring the market a metaverse experience closer to the ideal state and promote the market’s imagination related to the metaverse and virtual reality.

Of course, there is still a long way to go before the construction and development of the meta-universe can make people fully immersed in the virtual world if they want a breakthrough. Whether the metaverse will come or not, people’s continued enthusiasm for it will drive a series of commercial and technological booms.

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