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Jun 12, 2019
The conference is an event format that is interesting for speakers as well as for listeners. The first ones can present their achievements and discoveries to the audience, get feedback from those present. The asked questions help to reveal new unexplored or unfinished sides of the presented question, you can hear the opinions of others on the activities carried out by the entrepreneur. Listeners receive valuable information, share experiences, find like-minded people, partners, and support in the person of such participants.

Freldo doesn’t miss the opportunity to attend such events. At the end of May, a CoinGeek conference was held in Toronto and company representatives attended it. The event was aimed at covering large-scale developments and new products in the world of cryptocurrency.

Professionals in this field with significant practical experience talked about the advantages and opportunities of cryptocurrencies and how to make money on all sorts of currencies and blockchains. Among the speakers who spoke on May 29–30, 2019 were:

· Steve Shadders, Director of Solutions and Engineering, nChain, Technical Director of the Bitcoin SV Node project,

· Alex Agut, Co-founder and CEO of Handcash,

· Jerry Chan, CEO of the SBI Group,

· and many others.

Each of them has gone a long way of professional development towards mastering blockchain technologies and introducing them into the financial sphere. Each figure occupies a significant place in the crypto world and has made a definite contribution to the development of the blockchain sphere.

The knowledge gained will help to develop business in the right direction, open new markets, and opportunities for network users. This will strengthen the position of Freldo among competitors and consolidate won confidence.
Possible to reach the top by only having all the information. The stream that comes in daily from different sides cannot be processed independently. For this there are conferences. They unite many representatives of various companies, start-ups from different points of not only one state, but also the planets.

Presence at the conference helps to bring together all those who own a separate piece of information and consolidate it in one place. Thus, everyone absorbs a huge amount of incoming data and applies it to himself to the extent he needs. CoinGeek is one of the invaluable investment of personal time and profitable investment in the future.

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