Forget airdrops, we’ll buy your altcoin, shitcoin or dead coins


Jul 2, 2019
CoinJanitor is a project that buys out failed or inactive coins and tokens and pays users for their worthless bags of altcoins.

For more info on how why we do this and how it works you can find more details about the CoinJanitor project on our website.

But, if you just want to sell some of your bags and be able to get some bitcoin back for them then just read below:

We want your worthless tokens

We’ve setup a token swap page where you can tell us which coins or tokens you want us to buy. The process is simple:

  • Visit our token swaps page
  • Tell us the coin you want to sell
  • We’ll email you when we start buying it
You get rid of the bag you were holding and get access to some valuable BTC instead or our native CoinJanitor $JAN token.

So click here and let us buy your worthless tokens >>

For more info on how this works or if you’d rather hold onto your altcoin bags for now, keep reading for more details about our token swaps.

For any questions or more info you can visit the CoinJanitor website or follow us on Twitter or Telegram.

CoinJanitor’s Token Swap Page

Buying deadcoin projects wholesale is a complex task in which the retail holder is often times left out until the buyout is final. To overcome this, we have set up a page that gives individual deadcoin holders more agency. The buyout process will still be the same; CoinJanitor buys projects out at a wholesale level for reasons that we explained on our white paper. Nevertheless, the spark that ignites a buyout can come from an individual that suggests a coin to buy out or informs us about a deadcoin that we might have missed. That is why we created our Token Swap Page.

Token Swap Page Features

This page is simple and allows anyone to inform us about the deadcoins they hold. Anyone can come and fill in 3 fields to inform us about a deadcoin they hold:

1. Email

2. The name of the coin or ticker symbol

3. The amount of that coin that person holds

Our Token Swap Page protects the anonymity of anyone who chooses to submit a deadcoin. We only ask that the email address people use on this page is functional and that we can communicate with them through it.

The Benefits of the Token Swap Page

People who submit a deadcoin through the Token Swap Page must understand that the information they submit does not guarantee that CoinJanitor will buy that coin. It will take us a while to get to each coin that users submit through this page. Nevertheless, the information we gather through the Token Swap Page is incredibly useful for a variety of reasons:

· It draws our attention to deadcoins that we might have missed on our data.

· We can build a list of deadcoin holders which facilitates token swaps once we buyout the deadcoin in question.

· Users have the power to suggest deadcoins for us to buy.

Keep the Definition of a Deadcoin in Mind

Our Token Swap Page is especially useful when individuals who submit information, can keep our definition of a deadcoin in mind. This elevates the quality of the data we get.

Here is a reminder of our broad definition of a deadcoin:

· A coin that is 2 years old or older.

· The coin in question is not listed on exchanges.

· Its market cap is smaller than $50,000 USD.

· The coin is preferably a PoW coin or a coin that has its own blockchain. ERC20 tokens will be considered, but we prioritize PoW coins or coins that have their own blockchain.

Now that you know what our Token Swap Page is all about and how to use it, we encourage you to use it and spread the word about it. Your contribution through this page is invaluable to the CoinJanitor project and will help us reach more deadcoins faster.

So click here and let us buy your worthless tokens >>