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Oct 18, 2018

• Live Webcams
For your confidence we have installed webcams all over the farm so that you can watch the operation of our equipment 24/7.
(live webcams are available at

2 and 5-year contracts
Ideal choice for short and middle-term investment in crypto market

• Detailed profit calculator
Want to estimate your future income, expenses and profit before purchasing a contract? We created a calculator that is based on real payout data.
You can set amount of your investments and price at which you aim to sell BTC in 5 years in the calculator.
All calculations are based on real yesterday data.
The calculator is available at

• Detailed balance and statistics
All information on your crypto balance is available at the dashboard.
You can check the available balance (updated every 24 hours) and make a withdrawal at any moment.
If you participate in our referral program, dashboard also will show you the hashrate earned from referrals.
Also, the dashboard shows various Bitcoin and Etherium statistics like profitability, difficulty, current price, etc.

• Return on investment
As we are bankers ourselves, we could not help but create a panel that shows investment statistics.
Here you can check your total investment made, return on investment, corresponding interest rate.

• Expenses
This panel shows detailed expenses on maintenance, so you know where every cent went.

Becoming a referral program partner
Sign up at FlyMining and go to the Profile page. Check the "referral promocode" box where you will be given a random set of symbols as a promocode. But no one forces you to use this particular promocode, so at the "Personal referral promocode" box you can define any sequence of symbols, for instance, your name or a youtube channel name as a promocode.
When done, just share links like and get your passive income! Other people are motivated to use your promocode because they get 5% bonus, so it's a win-win situation!

• Which materials are available for the referral program partners?
In the account at the "referral program" page you will find helpful info such as click/registration/purchase statistics for your promocode links, as well as banners to be published in banner networks

• Which award is given for a newly attracted client?
FlyMining is a team of engineering experts, not marketing specialists. That is why we have taken a decision no to do marketing independently but to invest massively in the referral network. We are ready to pay up to 12% of a purchase sum. An average check on FlyMining currently is $102, that is why you can assume that you get about $15 from a purchase. No one prevents you from attracting greater investment clients, as we see receipts of up to $6000 on the site, and this amount will be probably exceeded!

We are investing in advertising ourselves, but we are not really willing to do it. Our main task is to maintain equipment operation and exceptional client service.

• Protection of your account and personal data
We have introduced a two factor authentication to protect your account and personal data. You can use Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator to enforce security on your account.
To enable two factor authentication, go to the Profile tab, find the "Two Factor Autentication" box and click the "Activate two factor autentication" button and go through a standard activation procedure for this function.

We are looking forward to seeing everybody who is willing to join our family!
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