Fintech developers are motivated to censor the Bitcoin community.


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Nov 23, 2015

Fintech developers have a lot of support from banks and government which in my opinion motivates them to censor the appearance of the Bitcoin community. I understand that we need the banks and governments to get onboard and more importantly we need their investments to get the thousands of new solutions out to the masses, therefore I welcome the banks and the governments to invest in Fintech and Bitcoin as this is awesome for Bitcoin the Blockchain and the whole decentralized payment space. Lucky banks and governments are full of morons who are ready to throw money left and right just to stay relevant but I believe they have no idea what so ever regarding the future of money and banking and will be left behind as soon as they stop paying the bills. However currently the arrival of banks and governments as investors in this decentralized payment space has changed the Bitcoin community a lot as developers now are trying to distance themselves from the anarchists and radicals to appear more proper and in tone with the centralized program of control. And this results in more and more censorship within the Bitcoin communities when it comes to anarchistic ideas or radical thought. But people please understand Bitcoin and the blockchain is very radical technology and thus will attract radical people. Who for the most part are honest dreamers of freedom and prosperity for all men and woman. Society should really thanks the anarchist and radicals more as this group of people are always the ones brave enough to get onboard new technology. I believe if it was not for this group of people we would not have a world full of great technology as we do ! So thank you all brave anarchist and radical thinkers who are brave enough to get onboard new technology and have used their own time and money to push new ideas forward even though society is against it in the beginning.. thank you.. thank you.. thank you.

And all the developers who forget who their real supports are.. we are all human and have a right to use technology !
Developers should try only to make solutions for humans without getting involved in politics, right and wrong… and all that sh.t
Power to the people ! And any developer who understands this !

Let me know what you guys think about this

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