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Oct 3, 2018
Добрый день друзья! Активная фаза бета-теста подходит к концу. Успейте воспользоваться бесплатным ботом для торговли криптовалютой.

Мы сняли видео о принципах торговли, и есть также независимый обзор о нас. Вот эти видео:

На момент написания статьи активно используется 215 ботов. Присоединяйтесь к нашим активным пользователям в чате Telegram и на нашем канале. Поддержка в Telegram -
[doublepost=1547320046][/doublepost]FINBOTS.RU - is platform #1 for algorithmic crypto-trading using bots.

Who are we?

Finbots platform is a subsidiary of Get-Net IT- company. Get-net is a telecommunications operator, based in Perm since 2010. If you have not forgotten, in May 2010 the legendary story to an American under the nickname “Laszlo” happened, who ordered 2 pizzas for 10000 BTC.

The development of events since 2010 allowed forming a sustainable "traditional" business, and the opportunity to reinvest to new directions with a view to the future.

At that time, Get-Net was actively developing in the areas of Internet and IP telephony for business, and FinBots, intended for cryptocurrency, algorithmic crypto-trading and creating bots for trading cryptocurrency was appeared in 2016.

Finbots – carryrowd funding startup. This is a full direction, sustainable company, since 2017 open for public access and for beta testing.

About FinBots service

Finbots is a cloud solution that does not require installation on a PC which gives you the opportunity to automatically trade cryptocurrencies on the Binance & Poloniex exchanges by a fast and easy way. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

The service provides automation for various cryptocurrency exchange platforms, trading on your behalf, by the API. None of your coins are stored in Finbots, thus ensuring maximum security for users.


In classic trading, there are numerous strategies built on theories of technical analysis, financial tenets about fundamental analysis, indicators, Machine Learning algorithms and others.

Important nuance. In the accepted global economy, the main asset in the market is a stock, but you can also trade in derivative instruments like futures, without attention to free-float, and using margin positions, such as SHORT (selling an asset without you having it. )

Crypto. Margin leverage can be used on cryptocurrency exchanges, only for buying, which infringes on the possibilities of strategies for crypto-trading.

Finbots is adapted to the conditions of the crypto market and uses an algorithmic strategy reminiscent of the principle of “martingale”, leveling the risk of deposit wiping, relying on the notorious AI.

How does Finbots work?

Bot for cryptocurrency trading, working by a currency pair. Where the first currency is the base currency and the second currency is the bot's currency. In the event of a bot's currency falling to a certain level, the bot re-purchases the bot's currency in an amount exceeding the previous one by the percentage specified in the settings.

As it known, each cryptocurrency has a certain corridor, for example, 0.06-0.1 for BTC_ETH a significant number of such transactions occur in the course of operation, which makes it possible to make a profit. Also in the settings, the percentage of the deposit is shown, when percentage is reached, the bot switches to the second mode. The meaning of the second mode is that the original orders are removed and sold together with the latter, with the expectation that the TP compensates for the losses from the sale of more expensive orders.

Thus, the average price of the volume of the second currency remains more or less in the market. Disadvantages of the algorithm: There should always be a reserve of funds for a deposit, while it is usually not involved. A recommended deposit when trading with minimum orders of 300 USD.


  • Fully cloud 24/7 trading solution

  • Convenient dashboard that displays open positions, trading history and profits in one place.

  • 10 trading pairs, and 2 access exchange points

  • Accessing to Binance & Poloniex.

  • Own, fault-tolerant servers with a minimum ping to the exchange!

  • Referral program for active users of the service.

  • Free beta version, ready to launch right now!