Fastest way to earn bitcoin - Coinpot and Free Bitcoin


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Nov 29, 2019
NOTICE : Please watch the two videos first.


The videos will explain to you on how the system works briefly together with some peoples concerns on the service and some quick explanations on how to get those concerns fixed. Please watch both two videos from beginning to end and then proceed with the explanations below and the links. Thanks.

This is the only Faucet out there that pays and has paid me a lot of Bitcoin for the past few Years. Please click on the referral links below to signup for earning free Bitcoin, I used multiple Addresses and this is just one of them that I paid out to.

Withdrawal Proofs are also in the video.

Firstly, register to This is a wallet and since it's connected to the Faucet system it has no referral code. So signup in first.

Referral Codes for other connected Faucets.



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Additional Bonus, this works the same as the others :
FreeBitcoin :