Exchange your tokens here


New Member
Mar 20, 2019
I will trade your coins for you on an decentralized exchange any amount of the desired coin for 2% fee.

Worlwide governments, banks, and exchanges are changing the rules to be ever more intrusive in traders affairs to go as far as banning traders for ideological reasons (i.e Coinbase vs Andrew Torba), and pushing anti-crypto legislation on exchanges going as far as closing them down, like China, others may follow suit someday. They have already forced KYC on every exchange under the guise of protection, but really it is about counting and controling your crypto /money. This service allows coins to be traded and as soon as possible and sent back to the wallet freely and securely and without the snoops.

Due to the unique nature of this service, and since I will need direct acess to the coins to be traded, moderation is not a viable option, since they will be held back and I will not be able to trade them. I know trust is a big issue, but i hope to be able to win yours so you will call on my services again and again.

Message me first so we can talk and negotiate about the trade and make sure everything is in order before we proceed.