European Bitcoin Traders Survey Request

Would you be interested in answering a survey on Bitcoin exchange use?

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Nov 22, 2016

I'm an analyst at a UK-based research house – we have been engaged by a 3rd party to understand the trends behind the use of Bitcoin exchanges. We are seeking to gain responses to an online survey from at least 100 traders based within Europe, and are keen to gauge initial feedback from traders regarding their willingness to participate in such a survey and whether they would subsequently be prepared to partake in a telephone interview for a more detailed survey.

The survey itself will be sent to interested users via personal message, and we would stress that all responses will be treated anonymously through our survey platform. Can any European traders using exchanges please reply to this thread so that we can get an idea of the potential sample size we can gather from this forum?

Note to forum administrators: This presumes such survey distribution is not against forum policy. If the distribution of such a survey is against forum policy, please let me know and I will clear the text of this post and won't post any further information about the survey.

Many thanks for your help.


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Aug 19, 2015
A little surprised about the rise in the number of researchers coming here with surveys. I'm starting to wonder who sponsors all this, the banks perhaps?