EU-based Bitcoin to Gold Dealer w/ Outstanding Safety Record


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Nov 18, 2015

The '79th Element Ltd' company is one of the best known precious metals dealers in Poland.
We operate in the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland and Belarus.
79th Element was founded on our passion and profit is not our main priority.
It is our mission to educate society on how to protect their wealth from the government and inflation.

Why Bullion79:
• Bullion79 offers VAT-free investments in precious metals, making us an ideal choice for those looking for smart investment options.
• As an EU-based precious metals supplier, there is no customs duty to be paid on shipments of gold or silver.
• Four offices located across Europe mean that we are a volume dealer with a reputation built on honesty and fair dealing with thousands of satisfied clients. This is matched with our attention to detail and individual approach to each investor looking to purchase precious metals through us, at competitive prices with reasonable premiums.
• Bullion79 is also a producer of investment-grade precious metal products with our own refinery, allowing us to provide you with a wide range of precious metals investment options.
• We offer a very competitive gold buyback service, with just a 3% margin to maximize the value you receive when you decide to monetize your investment.
• For your protection every parcel we pack for shipping and every parcel we receive is filmed during processing.

Contact us:

Our website:

Customer Service Center
open Monday through Saturday
from 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. GMT

Call us at local rates: We speak English and Polish .

English: +44 56 0367 3122

Polish: +48 783 340 871

In short:
- We have over 4 years' experience
- We offer the lowest prices
- We send your packages fast
- We are reliable (over 500 positive comments)
- We guarantee your security
- We are always stocked up!!!
- Shipping is free for orders totalling over 5 BTC

We send out over 100 worldwide orders monthly. Our company takes your security very seriously. Use TOR, PGP and PO box if you need. We never share any customer's data with authorities without a legal fight.