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Nov 27, 2019

Meet ETHFlash – the ultimate Ethereum faucet!
We've looked at all the crypto faucets on the market and made something much better. ETHFlash is easy, fun, and profitable – try it right now to take advantage of the FREE Bike plan.
How it works. Nothing can be easier than earning ether with ETHFlash. Simply enter your ETH wallet address to register – and start receiving ether. As soon as the amount of ETH in your ETHFlash account reaches 0.001 ETH, you can withdraw it – simply click on Withdraw.
Subscriptions. We won't make you watch ads, fill forms, or do anything at all. Instead, we have prepared 12 cool and fun subscription plans – from the 100% free Bike to the massively profitable Plane and Puffer. The higher your level, the more crypto you get every day. Each plan is valid for a limited period, and you can upgrade any time.

Free Bike plan. We created a completely free Bike plan to show how ETHFlash works. It has a pool of 100 ETH for rewards, and we'll pay them out on a first-come, first-served basis. Once those 100 ETH are finished, Bike will be deactivated.

Referral program. Our amazing affiliate program has THREE levels. This means that if your referral receives his own referrals, they are added to your level 2, and the same thing happens with level 3. Remuneration levels: Level 1 - 5%, Level 2 - 3%, Level 3 - 1%. This is the easiest way to make more ether, so be sure to share your referral link with all your social followers.

Why is ETHFlash the best crypto faucet?
- 1-click registrations;
- 12 profit plans to choose from;
- Withdrawals from just 0.001 ETH;
- Profit accrues every minute;
- Cool design;
- Huge referral rewards;
- No captchas, no ads.

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