Ethereum Well On Course to Achieve Crucial Resistance

Pradeep kumar

New Member
Oct 15, 2019

According to Ethereum News, the largest altcoin Ethereum is busy reversing its losses after its price fell to as low as $153. This is significant because while Bitcoin has seen resistance levels between $7,500-$7,600, Ethereum has displayed substantial rebound and price resistance. This week’s bearish trend line is still active and has registered resistance near the $164 along the hourly chart of ETH/USD. The pair would most probably face stiff resistance near the mark of $164 and $165 in the near future.

Yesterday, a massive decline was seen in the Ethereum prices after it hit levels of $170 and $165. As Ethereum continues to rebound below the $165 level, it would lead to more situations for losses and the price trading below $160. Eventually, a further decline from $155 to $153 led to the price resistance.