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Jan 25, 2018

Ethereum Modern

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Ethereum Modern was built with the aim of having a free currency that is not controlled
by anyone and owned for the most part by the community, developers have no power
over the currency, in the first stage 13% of the currency is distributed for free to the community,
66% is destined for distribution to collect Ether and invest it in resources and marketing
to increase interest on the currency and use it as an exchange for services or investment
method. The remainder of the 66% that is not distributed will also be divided for free
into the community.


The Staff cannot modify coin limit, users' balances, lock accounts, etc.

Neither the staff nor anyone can stop the project.

Decentralized and Open Source
Ethereum Modern is a blockchain distributed contract based on Ethereum technology,
the source code of the contract is available on the etherscan website.

The new Reward Transaction System will be explained on the website soon.

Ethereum Modern is limited to 15M Coins

Add Ethereum Modern to your Ethereum Wallet:
Contract: 0xA96B24E4987056859411A8f3C7EA4B163395e664
Decimals: 18 Symbol: ETHMD Name: Ethereum Modern

Coin Distribution
66% (10M) is available for distribution in the contract.
13% (2M) reserved for the staff.
13% (2M) reserved for community promotion.
8% (1M) reserved for promotional sale.

Funds Distribution
All funds raised will go straight into Development, Design, Marketing and Infrastructure.
33% - Development, Resources and Expansion.
33% - Designers and Marketing Administration.
33% - Marketing and Advertisement.

Stage1 : Pre sale
Stage2 : ICO
Stage3 : Special sale
Stage4 : Marketing and List on Exchanges

The Community Promotion will take place in the first and last stages.
In the Stage 1 - Free distribution (2M Coins)
In the Stage 4 - Free distribution (10M Coins)​

Community Promotion
In a few days the free community promotion will begin,
we will send free coins to everyone interested,
13% of the total is reserved for this promotion.
The Rules will be published when the Countdown Ends.

For more information visit the official website.

Thank you all for your support.

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