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Feb 22, 2018
Eterna Coin ICO on 15th March

Eterna is the next generation investment platform that utilizes cryptocurrency that can
be used by businesses, payment gateways, retailers as well as providing solution to your
everyday payment needs. Our very own Eterna Coin will feature very low amount of
transaction fee with virtually no delays in transaction time.

Sustainability and security will be our first priority.

Coin Specification.
Ticker symbol : ETAC
Algoritm : ERC20
Max coin supply : 12 million ETAC
ICO coin sale : 6 million ETAC
ICO period : 15 March 2018

Profit Gain.
1. Mining farm that will generate revenue that will be given as daily interest for our investors.
2. Investments on other cryptocurrencies (ICO, blue chip crypto-coins) which will generate profit that will be distributed to our investors as daily interest rate.
3. Volatility trading by our experienced financial team.

Additionally, we will use 50% of the fund gathered from the ICO to build mining farm, which will generate revenue that will be distributed to your daily interest rate.
Profit from mining farm and investment on other cryptocurrencies will be used to buy back our coin to maintain or raise Eterna Coin price.

Staking Reward.
Staking Reward up to 29% per month.

Initial Coin Offering (ICO)
Our initial coin distribution will be offered in 5 stages. Each stage will have different price and allocation so it is better to acquire our
coins early to get the coins at the best price.

Referral Rewards.
5% for every level 1 referral. This is a very reasonable number. Many coin failed to maintain their sustainability because of too much referral rewards.

Unique Feature.
1. Real time chat for our investors to communicate with each other,
2. Forum that will provide opportunity for us to listen and answer questions regarding our coin and platform.

Why should we invest in Eterna Coin?
- Unlike other lending/investment cryptocurrency program we believe withholding investor’s money to be unethical so that we believe that it will be better if our investor is given the chance to cancel their staking/investment program.

How to buy Eterna Coin?
- Register your account with e-mail then log in into your account. Go to wallet and click deposit. Wait until your deposit get confirmed and then when the timer on ICO tab is 0 click buy ICO.

How does Eterna Coin stacking work?
- Choose staking on dashboard and you will get your interest every hour. You can cancel your staking investment program anytime you want to.

Can I cancel my staked coin anytime?
- Yes, you can

How to secure your Eterna account?
- We advise for every investors to always activate their 2FA every time.

How do you provide investment/stacking with very high interest rate?
- We build mining farm with half the money from ICO phase and share it with our investors. Last half of the amount will be used as reserve to regulate market and price. We are going to buy back Eterna Coin from our investor with our mining profit.

Find more information :
Website :
Facebook : eternacoinofficial
Twitter : @eternaofficial
Telegram :
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Feb 22, 2018
Hi Jenna,
We provide staking program with up to 29% interest per month. You can take the interest anytime you want. And you have option to cancel your stacked coin anytime you see fit.
Please ensure that we try to manage our coin price by alocate our profit from mining and investment.

Don't forget to join our telegram group at