[ESS] Essentia-Connecting Centralized & Decentralized Resources


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Apr 15, 2018

About Essentia
As we know data is a very valuable resource in the digital age, there are many companies and organizations that collect and earn from it. But the ability to interact, exchange data between individuals, organizations together is limited, ineffective. Today I would like to introduce to you the project Essentia "Essentia is a masternoded multi-chained set of protocols connecting centralized and decentralized resources to create new powerful interactions and experiences."
If you don't know "what is Essentia", my advice is to try their MVP, you can find the yellow button “Try Essentia” at here
After click on it, you will be lead to the app page. Please start with click on "Get started" input a password and enjoy with many awsome function of Essentia:

  • eLogin: Essentia will let you be able to log in to all your decentralized applications securely and with just a few clicks. eLogin uses simple message verification to log in to services and frees you from creating and remembering passwords.
  • Storage : you can upload & store your important files. The integrated decentralized storage provides the highest level of security, reliability, and usability.
  • Wallet: With Essentia you can have all the assets at your fingertips, using whatever device is convenient for you. Send money, look through your transaction history, check your balance and recent currency rates – do that and more, anywhere, anytime. At this time with Essentia you can store BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, EOS, SNT... all are very popular coin.
  • Exchange: You can buy and sell all tokens on decentralized exchange like etherdelta, forkdelta... all within the comfort of your Essence
Essentia System Properties
• Highly customizable Modular Decentralized Framework for humans and machines.
• Decentralized digital IDs for humans
and machines.
• Trust-less, Trustable and Secure.
Backed by strong cryptography.
• Private: only the user has full and total
ownership and control.
• A single personal, custom environment
for managing and interacting with
multiple IDs, data, assets, decentralized
and traditional resources, cross-chain
resources and communications, and

• Decentralized, always available, un-stoppable.
• Cross-Chain, Multi-Chain and
• Modular, Flexible and Scalable.
• Privacy-Focused, Anti-Censorship,
Persistent, Not-Corruptible.
• Anonymous and encrypted by default.
• Agent Agnostic, Head/less and
Automatable/Orchestrable, CLI, UIs.
• Open-Source and Open-Hardware, Essentia
has both Software and Hardware
• Language Agnostic, Host Agnostic.
• Fault-Proof and Future-Proof.

Main Features

Essentia features will resolve the problems of the connection in the current world. Essentia provides users with a framework that allows them to be completely anonymous if desired and also allows them to keep their data on their computer. By using the security Essentia framework, the user can be sure that they are not been extraction. They can filter any possible can be allowed to access data. This frame provide a way to allocate your your list. . The single seed is the most remarkable feature, as it is a master password and is reinforced by advanced coding methods. It is only initialized once, and no user, even a computer, can access the range of services that are already configured.

Masternodes is a point that very suitable in the projects, because it will make community growing and help coin with the stable value in long time. External Function is boosting effect, processing speed of Essentia blockchain, Masternodes of Essentia also generate the passive income for investors. The professional investors always find more way to earn passive income to balancing with high-risk investment.


The scale of the team reflects the ambition of the project. It is also a top-heavy technique that is also not surprising, given its high technical nature. They have a mysterious factor "Privacy Conscious" it's make me slightly confused for a moment.
Essentia has 26 team members total, you can find more information here
If you still want to know more about the project, please refer to the information below. Always research before investing.

Useful links:
Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1146048