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Jun 17, 2017

Recently, Encrypgen, LLC announced a Token Sale for its Gene-Chain Coin. The Gene-Chain is our private blockchain for science and medicine, allowing the searching and storing of genomic information with blockchain-enhanced security and privacy. While numerous databases already exist to capture genomic data, and to use it both in science and commerce, current schemes to accumulate and proliferate that data for use are insufficiently secure or open. The challenge is to create a secure database for use in both personal genomics and large-scale science, impenetrable to malicious hacking or other unauthorized uses, controllable and trackable for individual donors. “Blockchain” technology is the best technical means to achieve both aims and we outline below a model of a “gene-chain” database as a solution to both ethical and practical problems related to genomic databases.

The sole currency for transactions on the Gene-Chain (among those who wish to share information) will be Gene-Chain Coin (DNA). The Token Sale for DNA is underway. There are only 100 Million in the universe from now until the universe ends. 80 Million are up for sale before the Gene-Chain grows. It is already available for beta-deployment and we expect adopters very soon. We were featured in Forbes and NewsBTC in the past month, and the phone keeps ringing. The Gene-Chain is a hybrid blockchain, incorporating Ethereum and Hyperledger. You can read all about us by Googling us and visiting our website.

Dr David Koepsell
CEO & Founder


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Jul 7, 2017

Encrypgen is a collaboration between expert scientists and developers led by author and researcher Dr. David Koepsell. Their application leverages blockchain to create an immutable distributed ledger genomic database. Individual's (genotype donors) control access to their private genetic information with an encryption key. Researchers can access metadata and/or request donor permission for private genetic content. All on the world’s largest, most robust, and only incorruptible genomic database!

The application is already a useful product in demo phase and has assimilated significant amounts of publicly available genetic information. The team is actively marketing it to researchers.

Includes the following Products and Services:

Service: Blockchain Genomics Database: Genome database nodes and access. Market: Genomic Research and Education

Product: Gene-Chain Coin. Market: Blockchain and ICO community. Buyers of Preservation service and Blockchain Database access.

Service: Genotype Preservation. Sequence and/or preserve individual (donor) genotypes on the world’s largest, most robust, and only incorruptible genomic database.

Token Sale :

Ongoing Token Sale, close July 17th!

1 BTC or equivalent buys 68,000 Gene-Chain Coins. This amount diminishes by 5% weekly. If you buy 1 BTC or more, get 3% extra coins. Buy over 5 BTC and get 5% extra coins.

The buyer who buys the most gets 1,000,000 extra Gene-Chain Coins.

Total Tokens: 100 million

Still available for sale as of today morning : 80 million

Current status:

ICO WEBSITE: http://bit.ly/newicopage

Whitepaper: http://bit.ly/2tcSoBt

Working Demo presentation@ Bio-IT 2017: http://bit.ly/2rT3gjw



In the news:

Newbium : http://bit.ly/2s7XrTE

Forbes: http://bit.ly/2rNUOSr

NewsBTC: http://bit.ly/2u3kJXd


Bitcoinbros: http://bit.ly/2t9E5NI

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