Emergency! Need Assistance With S19J Pro and Password issue


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Apr 16, 2022

My client has 500 miners preparing to go into production mode. We are having difficulty with a 2 batches of S19J Pro’s that will not retain a password change. After changing the password, we are unable to log back into the miner after power cycling the miner.

We must reset the miner in order to login again with “root” “root”

We have tried different password lengths to see if the issue is with the length of the password. We have found that even “1234” will not be retained and we are unable to log into the miners. Again, we must reset the miner in order to login again.

We have narrowed down the problem to the miners to Integrated control board(A113D Control board) With the C79 version.

AMLOGIC C76 Boards do not demonstrate this issue. Only AMLOGIC A113D version C79 demonstrate this issue.

All miners have the October release of the firmware. Some preinstalled, some updated by us. We have received two different shipments. The latest shipment arrived with the latest firmware update installed.

We attempted to locate a factory firmware for these boards from the following page:


None of the firmware packages on this page are downloadable

The page indicates that there are 4 firmware packages to choose from (but they are not downloadable)

Further down the page, 3 control boards are illustrated including the A113D

However, no firmware package is listed for the A113D

To reiterate, no firmware package is listed for this board (A113D) and none of the firmware packages are downloadable.

All of the miners in question have the latest firmware update. Some by us, and the latest batch that came from the factory with the latest October release.

We need a firmware update to correct the issue related to changing passwords on these miners.

We need this fixed As Soon As Possible as we are preparing to put the miners into production.

Post Script: Bitmain forums are not connecting for login, password recovery or new user registration. I have searched the forum and website and keep getting referred to the page above in which the download links are broken, and no firmware is listed for A113D