Edge as anti-Facebook


Sep 27, 2017
Users could use our wallet to log-in to „dapps” without us or the „dapp” having any personal information on them which you contrast to today’s internet which has sign-on powered by companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter that know everything about you. We kind of see our „Edge Log-In” as the anti-Facebook login to the new internet where privacy and security are paramount – says Brett Musser, business development manager at Edge (formerly Airbitz), in Bithub.pl’s #SundayInterview.

On FB crypto groups every now and then I see questions about the best coin wallets. People usually answer with names and brands, but I’d like to ask you to explain what are the most common downsides of crypto wallets and what in your product is superior to other solutions?

Brett Musser: The most common downsides of most crypto-wallets are lack of fail-safes or too much dependence on the wallet provider. We at Edge (formerly Airbitz) have hit the sweet spot between total self reliance and relying on others to secure your assets. We secure your assets in a way that no one but you has access to it (not even us) and if you make some mistakes like forgetting your password, losing your phone, or being careless with your information we have some tools that allow you to regain access or protect you from malicious actors.

Full interview on: https://bithub.pl/english/sundayinterview-edge-as-anti-facebook/


New Member
May 24, 2018
Is facebook still banning the advertisement of cryptocurrency? I find it quite stupid, as the process shouls be developed, not stopped.


Nov 26, 2017
Facebook had banned cryptocurrency and ICOs ads. This decision has made me stop using facebook. Some experts are saying that facebook is trying t launch their own currency. If this is the reason they banned the ads, then this is very bad practise on their behalf.