Donate BTC for mining even more BU blocks


Feb 27, 2017
Check out this site:

Yesterday I made my first donation of 0.1 BTC to their mining fund. I feel proud and I think that if everyone did the same then BU will definitely win the race ;)

As for the wallet software, its code quality and stuff like that, I only use it because it allows my node to accept bigger blocks. When this fork drama is over I'm sure the code quality will increase as all the BTC devs will be working together again. Perhaps the Core team will make user configuration for block size and removes segwit code from the codebase, then I'd even be using Core's wallet.


Staff member
Aug 22, 2015
Thanks for your support.
I agree that when the HF drama is over then there will be a new landscape, which will have more co-operation, and the reason is that scaling will be faced with external challenges (more users) instead of an internal challenge (dev fixed block limit). A community comes together to handle external challenges but is divided by internal ones, as we have seen for several years.