Donald Trump and Bitcoin


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Aug 31, 2015
Since Donald Trump continues to soar in the polls and will probably win the Republican nomination, in the not so unlikely event that he gets elected as president of the United States, how do you think that will that affect the future of Bitcoin?

Would the IRS continue its "Bitcoin is not a currency" stance under Donald Trump? Would they step up enforcement efforts to pursue people who try to avoid capital gain taxes by keeping their money in cryptocurrencies?

Would the Department of Justice and the FBI continue to make an example of every Bitcoin-related prosecution for the media to continue painting Bitcoin in a bad light?

How do you think Trump will treat technology generally and pro-freedom Internet phenomena such as Wikileaks, reddit, Edward Snowden etc? Is there a chance that he would actually welcome Bitcoin as currency or would he feel his real estate assets are threatened and try to suffocate it?
I haven't bothered reading (be patient)

Yea, Right.

Okay I'll respond in 3...2...1.... okay I still feel the same way. USG and the Donald "Giveth no fuckeths" about bitcoin until they start getting hit in the pocketbook. IE, if BTC was worth 3k in 2014, IRS would have given guidance stating it was indeed a currency so they could hit us w/ the short term capital gains taxes.

The Department of Justice and FBI and every other US Attorney is on the same mission - High conviction rates. You act like they have a special penchant for BTC businesses - when the fact is they're just that way to everyone all the time, not just btc businesses.

Donald Trump is a clown, a tool of the Democrats, to give the election to Hilary after the primaries - Only thing is he drank his own Koolaid and now he believes that he could do a better job, despite having no practical idea of what to do and using this as a means to market his future business endeavors.

Trump is one thing and one thing only: pro money, ironically he probably sees this like mark cuban sees them - like digital trading cards.
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Nov 8, 2016
Bitcoin surging thanks to Trump. At its highest point the popular cryptocurrency reached $738, up from a low of $703 around the time polls in the US were closing. Proof of the stability. Is this what cryptocurrency needs to be validated and why we need to add it to our portfolio???
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Joey Trend

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Jan 4, 2017
Lately Donald Trump has been getting a lot of attention in the Bitcoin news media. Everyone that has written about him have opinions, but now its time you decide. Cointrendy is here to present facts. From these facts we want you the reader of this article to form your own opinions about this material and Donald Trump’s effect on Bitcoin.

Read our full article here

Also let us know what you think! Thanks bitcoin community.
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Mar 21, 2017
Since that's a Donald Trump post I don't even want to read it anymore... only his name induces anxiety in me and I have to use [Spam deleted. Nice try. - Admin]


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Aug 28, 2015
Great effort, I started in bitcoin the same way in 2011 after mining for over a month I discovered the same thing.

It was not possible to mine with a CPU.

Running a node makes the network more stronger so it's a worthwhile effort. It also signals on some level support for miners who wants bigger blocks.

Mining is only for those who have below average cost for electricity, then you still need the latest mining equipment. S9 being the best I know of. It's fun I've stopped as of 2016 - and will only invest if we get bigger blocks - segwit is not good for mining long term.

If you're got money to through away and want to affect the outcome in some way you can buy VIAbtc contracts - expect to get back 30% less than you invest over the life of the contract. If you invest a small amount you won't be able to spend it until either bigger blocks or segwit.