Dollemizer Firmware ASICBOOST Comming! [custom s9, s9i, t9 Firmware upgrade]


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Jan 5, 2019
Dollemizer Firmware ASICBOOST Comming! [custom s9, s9i, t9 Firmware upgrade]

Dear community!

I'm here to tell you that we made the Dollemizer875 Version to adjust your S9, S9i or T9 miner (Tested).
With this Upgrade, you will experience a new interface to adjust your miner settings and get more hash rate or less power usage.
We have tested these versions on various S9, S9i, and T9 miners and can say they work very stable compared to other firmware out there.

DOWNLOAD FIRMWARE: (improved Firmware boosted up to 875 MHz!)

- Europe Version
- USA Version
- China Version
- Canada Version
- Singapore Version

Choose the version which is closest to your region for the best experience!

Next versions to come will include:

-Asic Boost
-Higher adjustment settings (1000 Mhz) (Update > Soon 1175 MHz)
-Fan Speed Optimization
-Disable Fans
-Remove Antbleed inside the BMminer
-Autotune configuration
-Full control for each chain

Please let us know what extra features we should implement as well in your opinion down below in the comment.

Please make sure u know what you're doing. The software will allow you to make huge changes to your machine which if not used correctly might bring damage to it.
We take no responsibility or liability for any damages including. This software comes with a small build in fee of 1%.

We thank you for supporting our quest for better mining capabilities for everyone!

The Dolleteam!