[DOGX] Dogethereum (Ethash)


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Apr 30, 2018

Welcome to Dogethereum (DOGX) introduction!

Dogethereum: reliable and trusted, powered on Ethereum

No premine, No presale, Fork 10 000:1 coin.

Dogethereum is new decentralized digital currency, it will be founded on snapshot of popular Dogecoin, based on ETH algorithm with fastest speed of transactions, smart contracts.
Our goal it to push Doge currencies to the brand new direction, speed and simplicity.
DOGE is popular and proven cryptocurrency, imagine to get same amount of DOGX, suitable for ETH based wallets and easy for everyday use.

Project is community driven, thus there are no any ICOs, premines or othermanipulations. The only reward for developers is 0.3 coins per mined block. DOGX is being developed by professional team of engineers and talented economists who are passionate about crypto currencies, so there are no extra commissions, fees or predefined stakes.

Project starts free for all, easy for initial GPU mining and making good profits. Price of DOGX tokens may become even higher when full power of smart contracts will be unleashed.
It you've been waiting for right coin that gives equal possibilities and will go to the Moon, pin this thread and await further announcement!

Technical details
Premine - NO
Algorithm - Ethash
Block Time - 13 seconds
Block Reward - 3 DOGX

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