Discover & research tokens with new Ethereum Network Explorer - Feedback welcome!


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Mar 16, 2018
Hey y’all

I wanted to share I project I have been working on. Any feedback, positive or negative, much appreciated.

Trivial ( is an Ethereum block explorer, with a focus on discovering and researching ERC20 tokens. In the future, maybe you will be able to buy tokens directly...

Some of the cool things you can do with it:

- Search for any Ethereum address and see what tokens it holds
- Save addresses to keep up-to-date on transactions in and out.
- Check out top holders of any token
- Check holders of a selection of tokens - eg. find out who hold EOS, QTUM + OMG
- Find out key token info - whitepaper, team, social media, etc.
- Discover tokens by category, and find related tokens

There’s also a feed, where you can keep updated of any news related to tokens or addresses you follow.

Its early beta, but hopefully its a useful resource. Play around with the tool, and let me know if you discover any bugs or anything that could be improved. Suggestions on new features are also very welcome!