Diro is solving a real problem on a global scale


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Jun 7, 2018
Diro is aiming to solve the global identity problem. Identities are being compromised at an alarming rate. As society begins to embrace more technology, new advancements in identity theft are becoming more prominent. Technological advances have allowed our society to share pertinent information in seconds, but it comes with a cost. Phishing scams, forged documents & failed biometrics enable potential hackers to access information that should be inaccessible.

Diro is providing a solution. Proof-of-life will be implemented to ensure identity protection. Diro will integrate multiple silos of identity across various platforms. This ensures users are protected from identity theft while enabling users seamless interaction with their contacts or applications. Crowd-sourcing will be used to power contact directories with Diro.

Why Diro?
Diro is innovating a field that is in need of a major overhaul. Diro has an excellent team behind it, which includes some of the biggest names in the crypto community. Diro is an excellent project that extends past anything we currently have on the market. For more information about the project & investment opportunities check them out here: https://www.diro.io/