Developing a Bitcoin Wallet soon


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Sep 2, 2020
Hey guys!
I didn't find anything on this during my search through the forums (Please refer me to the thread if there is one on the subject) but I'm planning to develop a Bitcoin Wallet for my final project of year 3 on my Engineering studies. My background as a programmer is Python, JS and basic Java as well as some SQL. I've been into the Bitcoin space for about 4 years now and I want to work in the field after my studies, therefore I want to start doing a bit heavier projects directing me into the Bitcoin workspace. As there still is quite some time until this project would start I would like to give myself a good start and a lot of time for preliminary research as it probably will be at the top of my current skill-level.

My starting view of the building of the wallet is that simplified a Bitcoin Wallet is "only" an interface that contains various functions to manage addresses, private keys and fetching information for the interface through a node.

Where would you start? If there is someone who has built a Bitcoin Wallet themselves I would greatly appreciate a discussion.

I'm grateful for anything that would help,



Jun 14, 2019
Should I create another purse? Such services, there are many. Maybe I should spend resources on something else?