Developer Workshop(s)

Joel Dalais

Mar 9, 2017

Background - its been brought up before and will again. It would be nice if the businesses that have and still benefit great from Bitcoin contributed some kind of developer/ment towards coding/review.

Suggestion - Have a fortnightly online 'Developer Workshop', over a period of 2 hours.

In practice - Invite X amount of businesses to forward their chosen developer to attend said workshop, whereby they can meet and greet and discuss BU code, reviewing, future BU desires, etc, etc.

Each workshop would have a set criteria to follow, with a given amount of time for chatting back and forth. The businesses that provide said developers would be expected to allow for their respective developer to spend a few hours (within their normal work hours) each fortnight either coding or reviewing (code) for BU.

In return, as mentioned, these developers get the exclusive invites to the workshops, the extra training, the experience, the networking, the specialisation.

pros - A new wave of developers, (more) vested business interest in BU succeeding (they should have an interest in BU succeeding anyway), code reviewers, code writers, networking (for BU).

cons - Requires 1-2 (minimum) BU developers at each workshop. Also requires someone arranging/managing this stuff, but I can do that or assist someone doing it (or have someone assist me).

end goal - more developers, more code reviewers, more businesses promoting BU, more BU.

(I'm sure between us all we could convince some 'special guest stars' along to give this boost, if it was what we wanted?)

Comments, suggestions, critical criticism, all welcome.