DeFi Trends in 2022

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Apr 5, 2022
You don't have to be a psychic to say with confidence what new trends will affect the market in 2022. Read the top 4 DeFi-based trends that will change the world:

Late last year, Facebook surprised us with the announcement of its own metaverse. Since then, people around the world are still talking about it. At the same time, many large companies are creating new metaverses and redefining the way they look at business.

You must have heard the news about kids, young artists and celebrities who are making a fortune on NFT? Despite the incredible popularity, this story has not yet reached its peak. Therefore, in the future, the topic of NFT will still surprise us all, since now not only individual users are interested in this, but also entire companies!

Decentralization is becoming more popular every day. Everything leads to the fact that soon the Internet will also change: it will become more free and anonymous, it will open up new opportunities for users. Such an Internet is called Web 3.0. And we'll see it very soon!

With the development of the metaverses, blockchain games will become even more popular, because in the new world they will become not only entertainment, but also a source of income. In particular, we are talking about Play-to-Earn games with the addition of NFT.

PROBLEMS. With the development of this area, we can identify the problems inherent in new Play-to-Earn projects:

1. Most new projects are created with the aim of making a quick profit by the developers themselves. Using various schemes and the ability to hide their identities, these projects deprive gullible people of funds and leave nothing in return.
2. Some projects are difficult to join due to extremely high commissions, high entry prices, or very short presales.
3. Lack of full-fledged gameplay. Many projects introduce an auto-battle that completely excludes the game mechanism, that is, there is no enjoyment from the game and no involvement at all.

It becomes difficult to find a good long-term project that is both interesting and profitable.

The NEON EARTH metaverse is created precisely to show all the benefits of DeFi and GameFi and provide all the necessary tools for this, provide an accessible entry and empower players. Neon Earth is the beginning of a long-awaited revolution in the game world!

Neon Earth is a unique Play-to-Earn metaverse based on a collectible card game with full gameplay and a series of mini-games.

NEON EARTH HISTORY. The story of Neon Earth is centered on 4 main heroes who managed to survive the aftermath of a solar disaster that completely changed life on Earth. Now they exist in new conditions and fight for the most valuable resource of the post-apocalypse - Neon.

COMMUNITY. Users are the most important element of the metaverse. Their opinions and ideas influence the direction and structure of the project. Neon Earth admins and moderators give feedback, help experienced crypto enthusiasts and beginners to understand the project and the market as a whole.

EARNING TOOLS. The opportunity to earn is one of the features of the project:
1. In the game, you can earn metaverse tokens for victories.
2. Mining and farming provide passive income.
3. The marketplace allows you to earn on buying and selling NFTs.
4. Cooperation includes promotion of the project and attraction of new users.
5. Participation in the development of the project as artists, developers, writers, designers.

TOKENS. There are 2 types of tokens in Neon Earth: NEARTH and NE.
NEARTH is a governance token in the Neon Earth metaverse. It is used in the main game, mini-games, farming, mining, and much more, including as a reward in the affiliate program.
NE are auxiliary in-game tokens. You cannot buy or sell them, you can only earn or win them. You can exchange NE for NFT.

NFT. In Neon Earth, you can use them in the main game, mining and farming and earn money on it. Each card has a certain level. The higher the NFT level, the higher the percentage of earnings. Their Level is increased by Fusion Crystals.
Ways to get NFTs:
1. Exchange NE for NFT.
2. Purchase Neonbox.
3. Participate in Airdrops.

GAMES. There are 2 types of games in Neon Earth: main game and mini games.
1. The Neon Earth main game is a strategy card game. Play as one of 4 heroes, use monster cards to defeat your opponent and earn.
2. Mini-games are an auxiliary earning tool in Neon Earth. With the help of mini-games, users have the opportunity to earn in-game NE tokens and then exchange them for NFTs.

Neon Earth combines technology, collaboration and income tools, as well as the main trends of 2022!

What other trends do you know? Do you think DeFi, Web 3.0 and NFT will explode the market in 2022? And how will this affect the way we live? Share in the comments!