DeepOnion - new rules regarding tasks


New Member
Dec 9, 2017
I registered here right now to add to the DeepOnion announcement, but I see it is locked,so I hope it is alright to post here. There are many Onion hodlers in this forum, so it should be relevant chit-chat :)
From tomorrow, there are new rules to getting points for participating in the DeepOnion community forum.
In short, you will have to contribute in a positive way for a week, and after that you can do tasks, which usually is related to marketing. This should reduce spam on the forums, and also ensure that any activities on other forums, like this, will be of benefit to both parts.
(The increasing number of DeepOnion members will be aware of, and after the airdrop period, they may be more active here.)
Bounties are as usual, currently 10 Onion for good content like articles, tutorials, videos, or if you make something else that is good enough, you may get bounties for that as well.