Curio Invest enables everyone to invest in and profit from collectible cars.


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Jun 19, 2019
Our goal is to become the world’s leading platform for the trade of collectible security tokens. Curio aims to become the Nasdaq of collectable vehicles, where automotive security tokens can be traded in near real time.

We will bring transparency, security and liquidity to a market that previously was accessible only to elites.

Curio Invest’s vision is to enable everyone to invest in and profit from collectible cars. By tokenizing investment-grade vehicles, Curio will open up the collectible car market to thousands of new investors.

Asset tokenization is a process whereby a digital asset is directly backed by a physical asset such as a car. The main benefits of asset tokenization are as follows:

  • 1) Liquidity/Divisibility: Tokenization enables clients to invest in an expensive asset like a supercar, without the need to purchase itt. By using tokenization, such costs as “illiquidity discount, can be avoided.

  • 2) Diversification: Tokenization enables investors to diversify risk by buying tokens in multiple cars. This means that if one car does not perform well, the loss can be offset by profit on other cars.

  • 3) Lower Cost: Fees are much lower, because not so much middlemen are involved.

  • 4) Less bureaucracy: Everything can be controlled and monitored online.

  • 5) Faster Settlements: The higher liquidity and automated nature of the system mean that transactions are much quicker.
Curio Invest use modern technologies such as crowdfunding and asset tokenization to bring many new small- and mid-level investors to the market. This is achieved in a 5-step process for each vehicle:

  1. Identification of a rare classic or modern collectible car, which price is competitive and likely to increase in value over time.

  2. To finance the car, Curio Invest launches a crowdfunding campaign. Investors and car enthusiasts can now invest in the vehicle.

  3. Once the vehicle is purchased, Curio Invest issues security tokens representing the value of the car. These tokens are then distributed to the investors, proportional to the size of their investment.

  4. The token is distributed to a wallet which is automatically generated when the user signs up on the Curio Invest platform. The token can be traded peer to peer.

  5. All token holders receive a share of the proceeds of the sale proportional to their token holdings minus costs (storage, maintenance and insurance, for example) and the Curio performance fee of 20% (which will be waived for the Ferrari F12tdf).

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Jun 19, 2019
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