Cryptosnake Team Announces Upcoming Updates: AMA Session Resume


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Aug 26, 2021
On Tuesday, March 15, the first AMA (ask me anything) session in English took place at Cryptosnake. The team announced a number of new game mechanics updates and answered questions from the community. In this article, we will summarize the AMA and share what is known so far.

AMA recording

About the Cryptosnake game is a popular blockchain-based play-to-earn game. The concept is combining the classic nostalgic “Snake” and modern cryptocurrencies and NFT technologies.
The player buys a game character (snake) for SNK crypto tokens. The more expensive the character, the better his characteristics. Accordingly, a player with a stronger snake can earn more. Cryptocurrency in the game can be earned while playing in the arena, hunting for pixels, or receiving passive income. Both strategies work simultaneously.
More details about the game can be found on the official website and White Paper.

What is known after the AMA
Members of the Cryptosnake team shared updates that were previously unknown. There was no information about these updates, including in the official community in Discord. We have collected a squeeze of the most important and are ready to share with you. So:

DAO tokens will appear
DAO tokens, like GameFi, have become a trend over the past few years. So it is not surprising that the team decided to try them out in their project.
Different projects under DAO tokens mean different concepts, so we will start from the description of the Cryptosnake team itself. “DAO tokens will allow our top players and major investors to make decisions about the future development of the Cryptosnake game”, one of the AMA notes in the official Cryptosnake channel says.
DAO tokens, according to the speaker, will exist in parallel with the main gaming token SNK, and their value will not be directly correlated. According to preliminary information, it will be possible to obtain a new type of tokens in different ways. Players will be able to either directly buy them or receive them as a reward, for example, for helping to promote the project. More detailed information is currently unknown, but we can already conclude that the list of available ways to earn money will expand due to the introduction of new tokens and new game mechanics.

Staking mechanics will be changed
“The data shows that if staking is maintained in its current form, inflation will inevitably persist, and the token will not increase in value. To push SNK up, we decided to rethink the mechanics of staking” — a Cryptosnake footnote says.
Farming will soon be used instead of staking. How exactly this will be implemented is currently unknown. The update is under development.
The investments of early players in staking will be compensated in DAO tokens, the speakers assure in response to a question about the potential lost profit.

Large-scale collaborations with artists are planned
And it seems that this is not about those collaborations with other GameFi projects that have already been carried out before. At the AMA, for the first time, information was heard that Cryptosnake would soon collaborate with famous artists.
For the third time, referring to the official channel, “This is a very famous musical duet, which has more than a million followers on Instagram”.
Since it was said at the AMA that among the opinion leaders there will be “rappers’’, we suppose that the collaboration will be carried out with the rap duo. More details will appear in the official Cryptosnake channels at a later date.

In total, a number of large-scale updates are planned for the next few months in Cryptosnake, which will inevitably change the game economy. We continue to follow the updates.